Animal Rescue Photos - Barbra Kates


Giving Back is important to me. Each year, I identify non-profits who align with my vision, and volunteer my photographic services in order to make a difference.

In 2015,  I chose Carries Critters in Yelm, WA. Owner and Rescue Pet Queen, Carrie Massee-Loffelmacher, is an AMAZING hard-working advocate for animals. Our vision is to create amazing rescue dog portraits that showcase their unique personalities, so they quickly find their way to a loving home.

My photo student Ute Socwell assists with the photo shoots and I'm REALLY grateful that she is a part of the team! The little dogs are so excited to have their portrait taken, they are quite active on the set! So it takes two cameras to catch all the angles. expressions, tongues, and eyeballs!

My husband and I have adopted two 'rescue'  Weimaraners. Each one has been great companion, friend, human walker, bed warmer, travel buddy, and an integral part of our family.  

If you have never adopted a rescue dog, NOW IS THE TIME!   :-)

OR, IF,  you have already adopted (good for you), why not consider another pet for your pack!

Check Out Carrie and the adorable adoption pets  here and here and here.

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